Chaldean Art Craze

As the main writer for this blog, I have to say that Chaldean Art is amazing. It is crazy exciting to uncover new things that expose this hidden world to the rest of us. Chaldea which is often considered modern day Iraq is a mysterious land.

Through the recent treacherous history of the area, a lot of the discoveries that would have been possible have been hidden from us.

We hope that you find the work enlightening and invigorating. The Chaldeans really accomplished things that most would think unimaginable.

This rich and robust society displays such advanced thought that it makes me wonder why we so often believe that earlier civilizations were some how inferior.

It is true that the recent inventions that have life as we know it has transformed us on some level of sophistication, but if we are objective, we would realize that there are many inventions that will happen outside of our lifetime. The lack of which will make later civilizations consider us inferior, or at least will leave them wondering how we survived or thrived.

The Bible states that nothing changes under the sun, and that the core of what it is to be human has always existed and doesn’t really change.

I believe that although we might change and show advancements, typically in the grand scheme of things, if there is evolution of the human psyche, it takes tons of time to show.

C.S. Lewis stated that humans are amphibians…party animal and part spirit. This makes me wonder if this is why he liked to write about talking creatures.  After all, this thought was deeply rooted in him.

I believe that we often see the world through two lenses: the animal lens and the spirit lens.

The animal lens would not consider that our spirit might live on and thus would encourage us to be territorial, dominant or passive and reactionary, whereas the spirit, or may we should call it consciousness allows us to perceive life differently, on a higher plane.

This is what allows us to give food, when we have little to begin with. This is what allows us to accept a slight against us if it is for the benefit of the greater good. This is what allows us to feed our minds on abstract things and focus on bigger things outside of us. This gives us empathy and allows us to do things for others and even put ourselves in harms way to make it happen.

It is the spirit that allows us to make art. Art that is beautiful that is only perceived by another human. An animal doesn’t care how pretty a painting is. Only us, what a true gift, and with that, I am excited to explore this realm of Chaldean art and understand what was considered beauty at the time of this arts inception.

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